Week 4 Story: Vali's Death

Vali's Death 
Source: PDE

I feel the pressure of every heartbeat 
As I picture my next great feat

Head poked out from behind a tree 
Vali's back faced towards me 

One quick strike is all I need 
To finish off Sugriva's deed

Is this right? Should I kill?
To me, there's no ill will. 

Once Sugriva is back as he king 
He has promised to help find my Queen 

Oh Sita! This burden, I am willing to bare 
For you to lose your youth to this, is simply just not fair. 

One deep breath to center me 
And one the count of three: 

One, Two, Three...


I never thought I would reach so low,
This will be my only woe.....

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Source: Tree Hugger

Author's Note: So, I wanted to give Rama more context in this. This moment was very controversial for his character, so I wanted to take a deeper dive into what he was feeling. Was there hesitation? Was there regret? His character is made out to be so pure, but anything can happen as he's grieving for the return of Sita.


  1. Hi Ida! I love the route you went with this story! I haven't seen anyone do a poem to retell a story yet and it's definitely creative and original. I like that you wanted to do a deeper character dive into Rama! In the original story, his character isn't fully fleshed out since he's modeled after the ideal hero archetype, but this poem gives him more humanity and empathy. I love that you were able to show some of his hesitation and fear in this moment since it's such a tense event in the stories too.

  2. Hey Ida! I like your use of a poem to show the conflict inside Rama as he made a decision in the story. I think it makes his character more complex and interesting. I thought the poem was written really well, and a good idea for the story lab. I wish I could write in this verse as well as you!

  3. Hey Ida,
    I love the poetry vibes of this piece. I also really like how you wrote about this story. I read the Narayan version and he didn’t show a lot of anxiety from Rama about killing Vali. Rama actually did well to defend his actions, but this story was one of the first times where I questioned Rama’s perfect character. I also really love the picture of the tree. Its just as gnarly as this story and this character.


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