Famous Last Words: My week in a post.

So, last week, I only had the chance to do half of the assigned reading. I was actually really upset because it took me a while to catch up (the same thing happened to me last week.) I really enjoyed reading about Rama's endeavors in his search for Sita though; you can really tell how much he loves her. My best writing was actually my Platform speech for a pageant I participated in. My platform dealt with youth empowerment and growth mindset (shoutout to this class, for introducing the name to me). It was actually really nice to experience, and speaking on the topic came so naturally to me. It was my first time speaking publically, so I was TERRIFIED.

I read a really interesting story yesterday about a set of twins separated at birth. I don't know why, but it reminded me a lot about the movie Lion. It was about a boy who gets separated from his brother in India, and ends's up getting adopted by an Australian family. He spent a good chunk of his adult life searching for the town he lived in as a child.

My classes are actually going really well for me this semester. I took a light load because the last two semesters have been awful.

Next week,  I am hoping to get a lot done for this class, and I want to get back on my MCAT study schedule as well. These past two weeks have been hectic so I'm waaay off track of it.

The other day, I had a game night with my friends and it was fun. Last semester I spent pretty much all of my time at the library or in my study rooms and my apartment, so I hardly had any fun days. Something new that I am doing this semester, and the rest of this year is to work on balance. Balancing both school and my life outside of it, so I'm not just diving headfirst into my work.

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