Microfiction: A Horror Story.

My legs couldn't run anymore. I tried to scream for help, but nothing came out. 

There she was, dripping in blood. 

Image result for knife with blood
Knife with blood. Shuttershock

Authors note: I used the two sentence horror story idea for my first microfiction, and the second story sort of just rolled out of my tongue, so I went with it! I'm really starting to like these Mirofictions, haha.


  1. Hello Ida,
    I love reading the microfictions. They are both interesting to write and interesting to read. Because they are so brief, the author can leave so much for the reader's imagination to create. I like the traditional slasher film vibe that your stories have. The image you selected with a nice and dripping blood was also a nice touch to add a visual aspect. I find that a lot of my microfictions are created simply because they roll of my tongue while brainstorming. If it sounds nice and fits, then why not publish it?

    I definitely want to know who was chasing her. Was it a killer? Maybe she just fell and cut herself. We may never know.

    Have you ever thought about making the super short stories rhyme? I often find it satisfying when the microfictions happen to rhyme. It doesn't add much to the plot, but it making it that much more fun to read!

    Great work!


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