Preschoolers Praise

The topic that stood out to me in this article was stories about past resilience.  The whole "if you can do it, so can I" mindset was huuuge for me when I was little. If any of my cousins could do something, I thought that I could do the same because of how alike we were. Another concept that came out to me was the power of yet. I LOVE Janelle Monae (ok, I really only know two songs by her but she sings them well and I love them so I love her.  And this song would have been something great for me to have as a kid. The power of yet implies that one day, the goal will definitely be accomplished.

Why so many Managers avoid Giving Praise

From the getgo, this article spoke loudly. While I don't necessarily care about the negativity in the feedback I give friends and family, I hate giving strangers negative feedback! I would feel so mean. Last semester, I read an article about properly critiquing a piece of literature, and they wrote to balance out the amount of positive and negative feedback. What I liked about this article is that it highlights how important it is to give positive feedback just as much as negative feedback.