Reading Notes: Ramayana C

Vali's Death 
Rama kills Vali from behind a tree. This is considered a dishonorable way. I still don't understand why, and I would have to do some more research on it, but I think that I see parallels with people getting shot in the back. If I were to base my storytelling assignment I can tell a modern-day tale of someone getting shot in the back while alluding to this scene. This single act by Rama is slightly out of character. One source called it a stain on an otherwise 'spotless and virtuous character'

King Sugriva
Now that Vali is dead, Sugriva has now been reinstated as king. Rama can finally get the help that he needs to save Sita! Rama's yearning and concern for Sita are so genuine. You can tell how sad he is that this is the way she spent her youth.

 The Buring of Lanka 
When Hanuman is on fire, Sita prays for the fire to be cool. She used to think that Hanuman was actually just Ravana playing tricks on her, it's nice to see how far they've come.
Rama, Sita, and Hanuman. Source