Reading: Ramayana D

Sita and Rama

I like how Sita openly speaks her mind. I think that she has grown to be one of my favorite characters. I don't often see Rama as anything other than utter perfection, but the story opened up describing Sita's distaste for Rama's speech. She even cried because of it, claiming he spoke 'roughly and unkindly'

A lot of the Ramayana is a little confusing to me, but from what i am getting from this story, it seems like Rama has found out Sita is no longer virtuous, but it doesn't look like she consented to lose her virtue. Despite all of that, Rama was going to have her killed! (Boooo). Luckily for Sita, Agni protected her and spoke in her favor.

In the end, It sounded like Rama sending Sita to death wasn't something he wanted  to do, but rather something he felt like he needed to do for the good of his people.

Agni, saving Sita from the fire.Source

Ramayana, PDE. Sister Nivedita